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Baby Development Milestone Guide

Watching our munchkins grow is one of the best and most exciting parts of parenting. From the first smile, first words, and then first steps – all these are moments that parents cherish and remember for the rest of their lives. There are also delicate baby milestones, such as when a baby starts reacting to music or also when they use their tongue to move food around in the mouth. All milestones, small and big, are essential to your child’s development. We have created a baby development milestones guide that will help you keep a check on the development milestones you should keep a check on and expect in your baby. [show_more more=’Show More” less=”Show Less”]

Infant and Baby Milestones

Developmental milestones are behaviors and skills your baby will develop as they grow and are divided by ages or age ranges. Milestones are typically grouped into motor skills, cognition, language and communication, and social and emotional development. Milestones should be considered as guides instead of strict barometers of developmental success. Developmental windows, that is periods of time in which children are primed to learn a new skill are flexible. Development windows are based on various factors, that also include temperament and interest. Developmental delays and disabilities can also impact if and when a child reaches a particular milestone. MommyWize has created content that addresses all the concerns and queries you may have regarding your child’s development milestones. Reach out to us to understand more about developmental milestones for baby.

How are Milestones Measured?

Milestones comprise both the smaller incremental steps involved in learning broader skills and the broad skills your child obtains. For example, the timeline for starting to walk is broad—between nine and eighteen months and there are various smaller skills your child will learn  along the way. These include pulling up to stand, cruising (walking while holding onto support such as furniture), and falling deliberately into a sitting position. Overlap between developmental categories is quite common, particularly in young babies. Smiling, for example, is related to both fine social emotional and motor skills. Capabilities in the cognitive category, in specific, are linked with other areas of development. With the help of child experts, pediatricians and doctors across the country, MommyWize has created content for parents to understand all about developmental milestones for baby. The information is curated and categorized in an age specific manner which makes it very easy to identify and implement.

How To Use Milestones

Helping your little one achieve his or her developmentally suitable baby milestones is one of the most exciting and fulfilling parts of parenting. It is important to remember that all children develop and meet these milestones at different times and in multiple ways. By developing an understanding of what the most common and crucial baby milestones by month are, you can support your child in a better way and be prepared to voice out any concerns you may have with your pediatrician. Some children may accomplish some of their baby milestones early. You may find that your child quickly reaches her physical milestones but may be slow to meet her language milestones. All of this is common, and your little one will progress in her own time. With MommyWize you can be rest assured of all the support, information, recommendations and tips you may need to help your child reach her milestones with our baby development milestones guide. [/show_more]