It’s THAT Time of The Month – Yoga Routine to Relieve Menstrual Cramps

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I come from a country (India) where talking about periods is still a taboo. But I have been very fortunate to have a family, especially the men in it to be extremely supportive and caring during this time. Growing up my grandfather, my father, my brother and now my husband, all of them have always gone above and beyond to make me feel comfortable during my menstrual cycle. There were no unnecessary socio-cultural restrictions on me which made my life so much easier dealing with period cramps, lower back pain, bloated stomach, and horrible mood swings.

Today, I am lucky to have a husband who understands and transcends all my expectations and makes me feel loved, comfortable, and cared especially during my periods.

It is extremely necessary for our families and men in our lives to be understanding and tender towards our needs to make us feel confident and strong. Periods are the most natural thing in the world and talking about them will deepen and improve the quality of your relationships.

Ladies, please save and share this yoga routine that I do to relieve my period pain (before & during) for yourself, and all men should share this with their girlfriends, wives, friends, mothers, and sisters and let them know that you care. This routine works for me every time. I hope it helps you too.

Tip: During periods especially on the first two days when it pains a lot, take Fenugreek seeds (also known as methi dana in Hindi) with lukewarm water to help me with my cramps. This is my grandmother’s home remedy and it works every time. Try it.


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Poses as shown in the video:
1. Reclined Butterfly Pose
2. Bridge Pose
3. Cow Pose
4. Cat Pose
5. Seated Spinal Twists
6. Legs up the wall
7. Wide-legged Child Pose

P.S. Please don’t push yourself too much if you are in extreme pain or have any medical issues related to menstruations. Try to do it slowly when needed and do it only if you are comfortable.

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