What is a Doula? How Birth Doulas are Helping Parents in COVID times

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A doula is a professional who has been trained in childbirth and who provides emotional, physical, and educational support to a mother and their birth partner. Having one attend your birth can be an amazing help in creating the birth experience you want, and can drastically decrease your chances of requiring intervention and a cesarean section.

Meet Megha Khanduja in an interactive LIVE Session on How Birth Doulas Are Helping Parents Navigate Coronavirus. Megha is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Coach, A Birth Doula from Doulas of North America, Certified in Infant Microbiome and Epigenetics, and qualified in Supporting waterbirths.

She has a passion for birth and explains everything you need to know from what she does to some great questions to ask when finding someone to support your birth that is the right fit for you. Also, she will be talking about how during COVID times more and more women are opting for Virtual doula support.

She is also the founder of Mothering Mothers and has supported many women in labor and birth. She also works with newborn parents in their postpartum stage and holds classes and seminars for moms and dads to be.


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