Self-care During Pandemic- A Ready Reckoner for Tired Moms

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Self-care should be a priority for all of us at all times. Conversely, during the troubled times of COVID-19, we all bear the situation’s brunt, resulting in terrible mental and physical health. Self-care during pandemics has taken a back seat, especially for moms because of the additional burden of work, home, and family falling entirely on her shoulders. Here we bring to you Self-care During Pandemic- A Ready Reckoner for Tired Moms.

Even if we mums got some time for ourselves earlier, it’s all gone. Self-care during covid-19, working from home is a sham because of the intermixing of personal, professional, and family time, further fuelled by the altogether disturbed or disappearing routines. 

Through article would let you know all that you need to know about how you can take good care of your health in times of pandemic, several wellness tips during a pandemic, ideas for self-care during covid 19, and a lot of information regarding personal care during covid. 

Why self-care is essential in pandemic

We take care of things that we love. Thus, practicing self-love during the pandemic is critical for a compelling self-care journey during the pandemic. Several studies and articles on self-care during the period of lockdown can’t stop emphasizing the simple fact.

Practicing wellness at home in quarantine isn’t something you grew up learning about; we need to adapt to the new requirements to take better care of ourselves. As mothers, who usually everyone and everything above them, it becomes even more critical for us to take better care of our body and health. Among the many, a few reasons why self-care is essential in pandemic for moms are:

●      skincare during quarantine can make you feel alive and self-validated. 

● Following a quarantine, a beauty routine gives you a sense of empowerment and instantly makes you feel good about yourself.

● Indulging in self-care can help you achieve emotional self-care during quarantine. You learn to listen to your mind and do stuff that makes it feel emotionally better. 

● Self-care lets you spend time for yourself and the missing ‘me-time during the pandemic. 

● Following a beauty regime in pandemics also helps prevent early aging. 

● It enables you to stay healthy with a positive mindset. 

Some Tips for your Quarantine Beauty Routine

According to experts, whether you are a mom or not, maintaining a quarantine beauty routine still matters as a woman. Your beauty regimen can make you feel good and confident about yourself. It means that your beauty is a product of self-love and not social stimulus.

As elucidated by Dr. Karuna Sabnani, a naturopath, beauty regimes during pandemics need an update because we can no longer stick to things that seemed to work for us earlier. Following are some tips for skin care during quarantine that can do wonders to bring out your quarantine beauty:

● Let your nails breathe. Instead of some nail paint, applying coconut oil or olive oil to your cuticles at night can enhance the health of your nails.

● With constant washing and sanitizing, much moisture is lost. Make up for it by applying more water.

● Prepare an oil mixture or DIY hair mask. Cover your hair in a towel for twenty minutes after combing the blend through your hair. You can leave your hair overnight and wash it in the morning if going for deep conditioning. 

● Self-massage is the ultimate level of self-love. Message in slow, sensual movements. Massage your feet with oil or lotion. Essential oils can do wonders. 

● Use brown sugar for scrubbing and olive oil for moisturizing your lips. 

● You can transfer a few of your loved essential oil drops to a spray bottle and spray them around your home.

● Eyes pampering is more necessary now than it ever was because of the unrelenting screen exposure. Your under-eye area can use some dabs of oil or face lotion.

It’s no surprise that mothers often compromise on their beauty after embracing motherhood. This can be changed in this quarantine. Catch up and follow a beauty regimen for pandemic times and feel good as you look good. 

Expert Self-Care and Wellness Tips during Quarantine 

The pandemic situation can be essentially viewed as a glass-half-full-or-half-empty situation. Some are concerned that they aren’t getting enough time for self-care, while a few working people are also considering this situation when they get time for themselves that they couldn’t get earlier due to the excessive rush in our lives. Thus, a few health and beauty experts suggestions on self-care during quarantine are:

● Time management during quarantine is necessary yet the most disturbed. Naturopath Dr. Serena Goldstein suggests, “One of my best pieces of advice is to batch your time. Use that time to think about how you can continue to organize your life, set yourself up for the future, and truly create from the heart. That way, you have a general routine, plus some flexibility.”

● Lung health and working out are crucial during quarantine to maintain physical fitness. Fitness coach and wellness trainer Whitney Tucker says, “I urge people to keep their lungs healthy with breathwork and movement. As well, doing any form of breathwork with meditation will achieve multiple aspects of down-regulating the nervous system.”

● Staying active is oh-so-important these days. A coach and yoga instructor, Monica Monfre, shares her experience managing some time away from “I’ve been adding in more stretches, and every day I go for a walk at 3 pm. Working from home is so different than our normal day, so I’m trying to stay active.”

●      Victoria Radford, celebrity beauty expert and founder of Radford, stressed giving a break on heat styling tools and try more simple hairstyles.

Special Self-care tips for moms during quarantine

As a mother who has a family to look after, there are only too many things that you might need to compromise. Well, the quarantine is not the time for that. A few suggestions, especially for mothers, are:

●      Get away from social media

To stay well in quarantine, try reducing your screen time, and good mental health can be maintained by refraining from using social media. 

●      Stay mindful 

You can start writing a journal or take up zoom Yoga classes. Eat food while relishing its properties. Practice positive affirmation daily. 

●      Maintain activity 

As a mother, ensure you stay active by taking a walk around the home. Reconnect with nature if feasible, along with your kids. Exercise and make kids a part of it. Play games with them. Eat, laugh, and live with suitable activities. 

●      Take some relaxing time.

We’re all spending more time with each other. It can become a bit claustrophobic, and thus, we all need to indulge in some activities alone that could help us unwind. Identify five activities that are currently making you happy. It can include some things that you enjoyed as a child. 


Taking one day at a time is a good strategy for wellness in quarantine. The times are difficult. It’s okay to feel burnout, tired, and less motivated to do things. The challenge becomes more extensive and more frustrating when you have highly active kids stuck to home only. All these hurdles can be dealt with satisfactorily if you follow good self-care tips for moms during a lockdown. The tips mentioned above can prove very helpful to ease some of your quarantine stress and its management as a parent.

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