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“Good morning Mrs. Sharma, how is little Abhi doing today?” “Good morning Mrs. Verma, Abhi is doing fine, and he scored full marks in his Math exam! “Wow, that is great! He is definitely on his path of becoming a banker just like his papa looking at his inherent love for numbers!” “Yes, I one day hope, so he gets a secure job in a bank and marries a decent girl, that is all I want.” And with that simple dream, Mrs. Sharma went about her day. In simpler times, parenting was emotionally fulfilling but a relatively pre-programmed activity with the most predictable output of how their kids would turn out to be. Society had laid down unwritten rules of raising kids, what jobs are best for them, what kind of partner they should marry, etc. However, the concept of raising a child has evolved over the years, its intricacies and the subsequent stemming complexities have certainly transitioned. For e.g., parents didn’t really have to pay much attention to what and how they used to speak to their kids; the concept of joint families was much more prevalent, and kids had multiple influencing, talking, and caregiving avenues.

In today’s world of nuclear families, parents are expected to pay close attention to what and how they say things to their kids as they are the primary and most important influencers of their kids’ fragile minds. In earlier times, there was a simple schedule of preparing your child’s tiffin box and seeing them off to school, followed by helping them with their homework with some light tutoring if required and outdoor playtime filled the remainder of the day. Today’s situation is drastically different.

Parents have a scheduled time-slot with their children for various activities like morning routines, prayers, school, homework, extra-curricular, tuition, playtime, evening and night routines, and social media time. And in case their child is an up an upcoming Instagram star, then all this and repeat for the next day! Don’t forget; this schedule needs to be adjusted with their own professional schedules and their own deadlines that they have to meet. The so-called ‘rat-race’ starts at a very early age for today’s kids, and the competition with other kids and parents, peer-pressure is immense, which takes a heavy toll on all parents and likewise for kids. “I have just enrolled my Anu for a beginner’s German class, it is a little early, but this will help her credentials for getting into California University when she grows up,” remarked an excited Anjali. “Wow Anjali, that’s so intelligent and forward-thinking of you,” said Nisha, who’s next immediate thought was, “I will have to speak with Vivek on getting Raj into a German class as well! What if along with Anjali, Priya’s, Shikha’s, and Deepti’s children also enroll for learning a new language and only my kid is left out of a chance to get into a prestigious university? We understand that it is a more complex activity than before, and hence it is of paramount importance to simplify and prioritize your life to accommodate and eventually do these activities more efficiently with the ultimate objective of your child’s bright future.

Our lives are pretty much hectic and occupied with a host of activities and things to be done during the day, week and month, but it is essential that you list down these activities, first to review them, and decide on the next actionable. Post this; it is important to prioritize critical activities amongst them and only focus on their completion while weeding out activities that are not important. Your fellow parents are influencers in our daily parenting lives; however, if you feel that they are doing more harm than good, do not hesitate to totally cut them from your life. It might feel difficult, and you might end up disappointing a lot of people, but removing some toxic people from your lives can help you feel better mentally and be more positive for your child. Find more creative time-saving solutions, i.e. all kinds of physical shopping can be replaced by online shopping, including groceries, essentials, child requirements, etc.

The focus should be entirely on things that matter and identifying and cutting down on things that are just draining you out and not adding any value to your kid’s future. The aim is to simplify to the tee with the ultimate objective of your kid’s bright future but also to maintain your peace of mind and sanity. After-all, our children are the building block of the future, and parents lay the foundation of those blocks at every step of their lives, it just that now there are many blocks to lay!

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