MommyWize Live; Mom’s Perspective- In conversation With Tanya Dave Khanna

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Tanya has over 15 years of work experience. She has worked with leading media networks such as Network18 and STAR News as a Prime Time News Anchor; along with heading the editorial team for International Affairs, Sports and Documentaries. In her last role in the media, she was a Deputy Editor and News Anchor with iTV Network (India News & NewsX). It was then that she decided to embrace motherhood. She took a break for a year when her daughter was born. Post her maternity break, she moved to the other side and joined an Indian Multinational corporation. In her current role, she leads Marketing Communications for a mobile handset brand. She leads a life on the go and knows how to balance it with motherhood. She might thrive on her busy work life, but her 3-year-old is where her heart is. Watch this exciting Live on MommyWize Mom’s Perspective with Tanya Dave Khanna on being a supermom and we will understand from her what balance between work, kids, family mean to her and how she manages the two.

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