Nisha Madhulika – A Journey from a Home Maker to a Mompreneur

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After the age of 55, when ladies choose to retire from their kitchen duties and want their daughters-in-law to take charge of the kitchen, Nisha Madhulika, a renowned YouTuber and blogger, debuts her career in the kitchen by shooting videos of delicious and easy recipes on her official Youtube channel for her viewers to taste the authentic Ghar ka khana. Her success story, starting at the age of 55, is truly inspirational and worth listening to.

A woman has the capability of doing various things at the same time. This may be one reason why goddesses in the Hindu religion are shown with various hands, whereas male gods are shown with only two hands. Fortunately, we are living in modern times where we have many inspiring people around us, especially women. Now, women are stepping out of their comfort zones, proving themselves and making their own identity.

Nisha Madhulika is one of the inspiring women who has carved her own identity and niche for herself. She is no less than a superwoman who turned into a mompreneur at the age of 55. This just goes to show that age is no bar when you set your heart to achieve something.

Nisha Madhulika always had a passion for cooking, but who would know that she would make a mark for herself in this field at a later stage in her life. At an age where women mostly think of chilling at home, playing cards, and joining social clubs, Nisha strived to make something more out of her life. In her earlier years in Delhi, she worked as a teacher, marketing professional and then assisted her husband in his business. However, once they moved to Noida, she had to leave her job as the commute proved to be difficult. Not being someone to get bogged down and settle in life with the daily chores and monotony, Nisha decided to use the time she had at her hands productively and earn some money of her own.

She noticed that her son’s blogs generated some source of income and gave blogging a try. She started writing food blogs with step-by-step explanations and pictures of her own healthy vegetarian recipes. Her food blogs garnered a lot of views and were a success. After the success of her blogs, she developed her own official Website and a YouTube cooking channel. Here she started uploading her video recipes and the subscriber base soon crossed the 1 million mark. Today along with her five-member team, Nisha uploads two to three food recipe videos in a day.

Anyone looking for a tasty and healthy vegetarian food recipe knows that Nisha Madhulikha’s site is the one to visit. Nisha plans to expand her team for handling her food blog and YouTube channel to reach more viewers.

Nisha Madhulikha is an inspiration to thousands of homemakers who want their own identity but do not have the courage to shatter all the boundaries and reach for the stars. As long as you have your heart in the right place and the desire to achieve something, the sky is the limit.

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