Latest Diwali Gifting Ideas for Diwali 2020

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Diwali is the most awaited annual festivals in India. It is a season of lights, crackers, sweets, and, most importantly, hope and happiness. It marks the victory of good over evil, symbolized very aptly by Lord Rama coming back to Ayodhya after fourteen long years of exile by defeating Raavan. It is a festival of celebration and a festival of giving. Giving involves sharing personal tokens of love and appreciation with family and loved ones in the form of unique gifts whose memories are cherished forever. We are all familiar with traditional gifts that are exchanged during Diwali, your mithais, chocolate boxes, clothes, etc. but nowadays, brands are coming up with innovative Diwali gifting ideas that would wow you upon receiving them from your loved ones. Some notable new brands have joined the Diwali gifting bandwagon are doing a magnificent job at it, but there is one more non-commercial section of society that is getting good at making beautifully innovative Diwali gifting products, independently, from their very own homes is the Indian Mothers Section! That’s right! From baking delicious Diwali sweets to stitching dresses to making hand-made purses, moms are acing it when it comes to ideating out of the box techniques to gift something precious inside the box. Below are some new to the world brands with their innovative products which can be excellent gifting ideas to spread the cheer of Diwali this season:

No.3 Clive Road

  This brand is a tea connoisseur and excels at selling various types of tea blends ranging from the historic Aurangzeb blend to the regional Madurai Masala blend coupled with the apparent dash of the classical Assam and the Darjeeling blends. They also have an exciting collection of tea accessories right from your cutting chai glasses, chai kullars to four or five interesting Diwali hampers consisting of tea, diyas, scented candles, etc. Lots to explore here as Diwali gifting options. Shop at:

Anureity’s Home

Diwali Gifting in Mommywize This up and coming home décor brand specializes in customizable gifts using home décor products like bed linens, candles, stands, Diffuser sets, etc. Some high selling products include textured pillar candles, glass votives, naturally scented candles, diyas, T-Light holders, etc. More premium options include diffuser sets with various aromas, including jasmine, rose garden, lavender, and lemongrass—a very innovative Diwali gifting option indeed. Shop at:

Good Earth

WhatsApp-Image in Mommywize This brand is not very new to the world of gifting and has some excellent premium choices to choose from, including a wide range of products. They range from premium incense sets, bed sets, Serai tea plates, cocktail glasses, votives, vase, aromatherapy gift boxes, candle stands, travel sets, wellness sets, Spa hampers, etc.; the list is endless. This brand is an excellent choice for its wide range of premium gifting options. Shop at:

Nuts For Us

A highly recommended new and upcoming brand in the nuts and cold-pressed oils genre, Nuts For Us brings you various premium nuts and oils to choose from to gift for this Diwali. These include hampers consisting of Californian almonds, cashews, roasted Iranian pistachios, Afghani munakka, Iranian Mamra almonds, etc. Essential seeds and cold-pressed oils are also in their product catalog, which can be given as gifts. Shop at:

Artolf Casa Organica

WhatsApp Image 2020 in Mommywize Another up and coming brand specializing in making premium daily essentials is Artolf Casa Organica. They specialize in making organic products like shampoos, essential oils, aroma infused tablets, handmade soaps, lotion, shower butter, scented candles, Persian candles, vanilla latte massage bars, raspberry jam scrubs, beeswax tablets, etc. All are sold as single products and hampers with a combination of products and a wide range to choose from. Conceptualized by Sonali & Gayatri who have translated their own lifestyle into handmade goodness in the form of  Scented Candles, Soap Bars, Lotion Bars, Shower butter & more bathing products. Shop:


Mason choclatesin Mommywize Chocolates might be a cliched gift option, Mason & Co. makes it an un-cliched choice with the unique varieties of chocolates they make. The chocolates are made with beans from South India, particularly grown on farms in Tamil Nadu and Kerala and are hand-crafted by the amazing all-female Mason & Co workforce. Sourdough and Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar, Peppermint & Sweet Nibs Dark Chocolate Bar are flavors that you wouldn’t hear typically. Besides chocolates, they also have chocolate-based spreads, herbal tea, powders, and some co-branded products like shampoos, lip-balms, peanut butter, etc. Shop:


Tippoi draws inspiration from India’s functional beauty and makes unique products based on such designs. They have products like Siment collection planters and vases made from concrete, inspired by the water towers and urban infrastructure in India. They also have ‘Jamakhan’ collection inspired by the ‘Jamakkalam’ floor coverings of Tamil Nadu and scented soy candles paying homage to India’s north and south. These unique designs can be perfect conversation starters and will make for great gifts.

Grain India

Grain India in Mommywize Grain bags offer people the luxury of premium leather products. They have clean lines and have a boxy finish and are most elegant in design, suitable for college, or a corporate job. Their signature product, the Charcoal clutch, can be the perfect companion for any formal attire. The bag is big enough to hold your necessary possessions without being seeming bulky when trying to have a good time. It is another unique gifting option this Diwali. Shop: We do not want Diwali’s spirit to be dampened by the ongoing pandemic and want you to spread happiness in the festival of lights. Diwali is very special, and we want to make this Diwali extra-special by helping you choose from some Indian local businesses so that some much-needed bliss is shared all around this festive season.

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