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The north-eastern region of India can be regarded as the cultural capital of the country. From the vibrant culture to the breathtaking landscape to the fantastic handicrafts, this region is full of surprises. But with the fast-moving world, some of the highly precious and valued skills and handicrafts seem to be fading away. But there is a ray of hope, and that ray of hope is Kopou.in It is a company that designs handcrafted lifestyle accessory products. The company was established in 2019 with the aim to raise awareness and to promote the use of sustainable handcrafted products manufactured by women in rural areas. The aim was to not only promote handicrafts but to promote women’s empowerment and preserve valuable skillsets.Apurva Harlalka in Mommywize The founder Apurva Harlalka, recalls how her journey started and said,

“My journey started two years ago when I wanted to start something unconventional and rooted in the surroundings. I knew that Assam is rich with art and craft, so I started looking for something that interests me and stumbled upon this form of craft, which was dying. I wanted to revive it because it was unique; it helps the environment by clearing the water bodies and also sustains the women artisans.”

And indeed, she managed to build a company that incorporates all these ideas beautifully. Apurva named her company Kopou which is the state flower of Assam and is a type of orchid. It is an essential part of the Assamese culture. The blooming of the flower in April signifies the start of a new Assamese year. Women use this flower as a head ornament and wear it around their bun for Bihu, a folk dance of Assam.

Adding Kopou flower to one’s hair while wearing traditional Assamese attire adds elegance to the beauty of a woman. The company is an inspiration for the way they are promoting unique art and handicrafts and are contributing to the environment with eco-friendly products by artisans from the ethnic communities, putting forward their heritage and legacy.

One of the major challenges that Apurva and her team faced was that the designs that were being created were traditional and old. So, they came up with new designs that could appeal the modern customers and could be made with this grass and could be ergonomic and started getting them implemented. With these changes, the company saw a slow increase in demand, and they started adding artisans and expanding the team. 

Kopou handcrafted products now range from home furnishing items such as lamps for your quaint corners to wine bottle holders for your intimate Saturday get-together and vibrant fashion accessories such as earrings and neck-pieces that go perfectly with t-shirts as well as saris to yoga mats, garden essentials, storage boxes and more. Currently, this fantastic handcrafts company is a proud family of 40 women artisans and is focusing on bringing in more and more women and help them sustain and take them towards a better living and grow with them.

Kopou is the epitome of simplicity, and they urge people to live a sustainable life through the range of their products that include lifestyle accessories, dining, and storage essentials. All the products are handcrafted, and hence, each piece is unique in its own way. The aim is to depict the rich cultural heritage of the north-east region. Moreover, all the products are eco-responsible and eco-friendly because they realize their responsibility towards the planet.   It is a refreshing approach, and the cause behind the company is something that inspires many. From the product quality to empowering rural women, every single thing about Kopou is commendable. And the best part is that they are doing so while caring for mother Earth. Shop for Kopou products at https://kopou.in/ and add a refreshing change to your house today!

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