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A female domestic help’s video showcasing her seemingly hilarious argument for her livelihood with two men has created a meme storm on social media in the past few days, but is it really amusing, though? The video shows a woman arguing about the non-payment of Rs.1800 for the services she has rendered despite the men claiming that they have given the complete fee. This argument goes into a seemingly comic loop of the men’s desperate efforts to make this woman understand that her dues have been cleared and even go down to brass tacks, telling the type and count of denominations; however, the woman refuses to relent. Some minutes into the video, it becomes evident that the woman doesn’t possess the necessary counting skills to ascertain that she has already received her fee. It is not a very uncommon phenomenon amongst the economically challenged; however, the men are utterly oblivious to her inability. They go the extra shameful mile of capturing this on video and sharing with the world for mindless fun. Although this incident has been met with light-hearted memes, there is also the grave element of ridicule of the lack of education of an economically challenged woman, which goes unnoticed. Maharashtra’s Minister for Women & Child Development, Yashomati Thakur, was also acknowledged the fact that this woman shouldn’t have been ridiculed and emphasized the importance of the ministry’s programs on financial literacy. Kalji naka gheu kaku, MommyWize tumcha pathishi aahe!

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