Japanese Water Therapy: Benefits, Risks, and Effectiveness

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The Japanese are well known for their healthy lifestyle. They have so many hacks and methods to lead a healthier lifestyle, and they clearly work as Japan is one of the healthiest countries with the highest life expectancy. One of their most popular techniques is japanese Water therapy. It is a set of techniques wherein you incorporate water as a part of your lifestyle that aims at improving your health. So what exactly is the process? It can be broken down into several steps that start right from the moment you wake up. 1. Drinking 4-5 glasses of water right after you wake up. This should be done even before brushing your teeth. The water should be of room temperature or slightly warm. 2. Breakfast should be only after 45 minutes of drinking water. 3. The time taken for eating should not exceed 15 minutes either, and there should be a minimum 2-hour gap before you consume anything else.4. Drink water at least 30 minutes before eating.

The main objective of japanese Water therapy is to drink water in a proper way such that its effectiveness is maximized. That is to rinse out the toxins from your body and boost your digestive system. The main positives of this technique can be categorized into three; health, hair, and skin.

The benefits of water therapy include:

1. Skin

Ask any person concerned with their beauty and skin, and their first suggestion would be to drink water. Water is essential for the well being of skin because it renews skin and helps maintain adequate moisture. Drinking water early in the morning will increase blood flow to the skin and make it glow.

2. Hair

Did you know that water makes up a quarter weight of your hair strand? This means that water is essential for healthy hair. Drinking water on an empty stomach boosts the growth and well being of hair from the inside. Thus you get stronger hair from the inside.

3. Immunity

Immunity means your body is healthier, and you don’t get sick often. Drinking water strengthens your lymphatic system and flushes out the toxins from your body. This boosts your immunity levels.

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4. Acid

After plenty of sleep, not only is our body dehydrated, there’s also acid in your stomach. Water being the first thing in the morning dilutes acids in your body. This reduces the chances of acid reflux into the esophagus and also helps prevent the formation of kidney stones.

5. Metabolism

It increases the overall metabolic rates of your body, thus leading to an improved digestive system, making diets so much easier. Not only that, by smoothening the digestive system, but it also amplifies weight loss as well, making your body much more fit. Being a natural liquid that our body can have without any limits, there really aren’t any serious drawbacks to following this regimen. The disadvantages or side-effects creep up when you take in TOO much water. There is a condition called water toxification or overhydration. It occurs when you drink too much water, and it dissolves the salts in your body. It is a serious issue, but it is a rare issue as well. Other than this and a possible requirement of strong mental power to follow through with these steps, there aren’t any negatives to the water therapy. It is a popular technique that really improves the quality of your lifestyle.

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