How to teach Spanish to Kids and Benefits of raising a Multilingual Child

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Multilingualism is the ability of an individual to speak more than two languages. To learn more about the benefits and the need to raise a multilingual child, we organized a session with Eshleen Jolly, founder of Learninglingos – a multilingual platform for children between the ages 2 – 12.

Why the focus on raising multilingual kids? We are already raising bilingual kids in India – they know English and Hindi and/or their mother tongue. A child effortlessly picks up a new language.

The older we get, the more we start comparing languages as we already have a set notion. However, a child’s brain is that of a sponge. He/she can easily absorb new information.If you learn something as a child, it stays and resonates with you always.

Various studies show that one of the advantages of raising bilingual and multilingual kidsis that these kids are smarter as their brain development becomes sharper. When children are younger, the more you expose them to different languages, the more their brains expand, which in turn facilitates their thinking process – an important life skill. In today’s world, where globalization is the norm, it is important for one to be able to communicate in different languages, more so for children in the future.

Tips for Your Child to Pick Up a New Language

  • Learning a new language should be a part of a child’s lifestyle. Get your child to practice the language without turning it into a schedule or a chore.
  • Parents could even ask their children to spell out words in a new language that the child is learning.
  • Make the whole process of learning a new language fun. Children love teaching parents; so, let them teach you – that’s a great way for them to learn.You can teach a child a new language during the first year of his/her life itself.
  • Pick one new language and then move to the next and not overwhelm the child with multiple new languages.

We do have so many apps today that can help you translate a different language, such as Google translate; however, technology does not help you form a connection with people and experience a new culture.

Though it is great to start young, there is no age to start learning a new language.

Teaching Kids Spanish

The best time to learn Spanish is as a child. You can start teaching Spanish to your kids as early as the young brains can soak everything.

Watch full Conversation with Eshleen Jolly, Founder of Learning Lingos in an interactive Insta Live and get to know

  • How to Raise a Multi-lingual Child?
  • Benefits of being multi-lingual in your Child’s overall Development.
  • When to introduce a foreign language to your child
  • How to raise kids multilingual when you are monolingual?
  • How many languages can your child learn?
  • What is the right age to start teaching another language?
  • How to teach Spanish to Kids?

Born and raised in the US, Eshleen picked up Spanish as a baby along with Hindi as her parents spoke Hindi and English from school. After her education in the US, she got married and settled in Delhi. With her passion for teaching languages to children, Eshleen started Learning Lingos, a revolutionary Spanish Classes for Children as young as 2 yrs.

Started in 2018, now Learning lingos is a platform that has grown with word of mouth and had 300 plus students now The team is working with celebrity kids of Mira Rajput ,Kareena Kapoor , Neha Dhupia , Miss Malini ,Lara Dutta , Ridhima Kapoor.

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