How not to burn a hole in your pocket this Holiday Season

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Everybody needs a little break from their everyday routine to submerge themselves in new sights, whistles, tastes, and scents. In such a case, is there anything better suitable than a family holiday? No! However, one complication that arises in a family excursion (even if it’s a small one) is the dent it can imprint in your family’s budget. But luckily, now you don’t need to spend a fortune on it! With little planning and patience, you can now slate an outstanding family outing that you’ll recall everlastingly, without feeling embarrassed about the amount you’ve spent after returning. Try these economical tips to ascertain that your next family excursion proves to be both fabulous and inexpensive.

Top tips for traveling economically with family 

Out of Season Travel

The best time to plan any family trip is outside the school holiday period as, during this time, the travel industry usually hikes its prices as most of the families plan such trips during this period only. Hence, look out for your intended destination’s best time to travel and plan everything before or after these (school holiday) dates to avoid any hike in prices. This period is called the shoulder season. In this, you will get a decent trip under a tight budget as hotels and airlines keep their charges at a lower side to attract customers.

Try saving more on Airfares. 

If you’re traveling via plane, here’s how to save bigger!

        – Airline Tickets:

Don’t stick to any one website. Look into multiple sites and book tickets from the one that offers a maximum discount, especially for kids.

       – Connecting Flights:

Yes, connecting flights may cost you more time, but it’ll definitely save a lot of bucks. So, don’t take it off straight away.

       – Pack Suitably

 One common thing that most people end up needlessly paying for is the extra baggage (common on family trips). Airlines are very particular about the weight you’re carrying and will start charging for every additional baggage you carry. So, refrain from packing all that comes to your sight and follow the “one bag one person” strategy.

      – Try Round trips

If your one-way ticket is expensive, try a round trip instead as it’s sometimes way cheaper and useful with small kids.

Skip Expensive hotels and Welcome home rentals

While on a trip, try to skip hotels and look out for home rentals. The reason is simply that a hotel comes with plenty of excess fees in the form of their expensive restaurants, valet parking, and various other opportunities for tipping from you. This adds to a lot more if you’re with kids that’ll also make you book at least 2 rooms. Hence, family trips are the best with home rentals, which will also make you feel as if you’re residing in your second home. Guess what, home rentals mean EXTRA space at NO extra cost!! You can save even more if your cottage is not in the center city.

Save on Inter-City Travel. 

If your trip involves traveling city to city, avoid flights just for the sake of convenience! Rails, metros, and subways are the best means of transportation, especially if you sign up for travel passes (with further discounts). Furthermore, try traveling at night (if your kids are comfortable too) as it’ll save you many bucks you might otherwise spend on accommodation. If nothing of these sounds crazy, try the best option, self-driving. Just like home rentals, car rentals are very common. It’ll also allow you to keep your baggage safely and without hesitation of losing or forgetting it elsewhere.

Don’t just pay for EVERYTHING!

Family excursions are all about fun and adventure. And these are something you can get free of cost; you just need to capitalize on the options available. Look out for the museums and art galleries offering free passes. Go for the national parks with a free entry where you can spend quality family time. Or even exploring the local neighborhoods isn’t a bad idea either. If someplace is not accessible for free, ask for a family discount(s) or discounts for small kids.

Use your Parenting Social Media Groups/Networks.

Online parenting groups you are/might be a part of offers much more than moral support and your baby’s night-time nappy-changing strategies. Ask individual guardians about the family outings they’ve taken so far (I mean the best one), the amount it cost them, and what they would do another way to set aside more cash next time (you know, more minds mean more ideas). Moreover, there are other various groups and family travel bloggers prepared and ready to give you their spending tips on places they have visited with a fixed budget in hand. No matter who you are or what your priorities are, a fun-filled family vacation is what every soul asks for. By putting the best steps forward as stated above, while planning any trip, you can minimize your holiday expenses to a great extent, something that’ll motivate you for more trips in the future.

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