Explaining the Significance of Republic Day in Simple Terms to Your Child

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As our kids grow, we realize that we need to take the time and effort to provide explanations and details on various topics as they get more inquisitive and look for answers to their questions. It is also unfair on our part if we do not make an effort to give our children the right information in an uncomplicated manner so that their little minds can process the same. As Republic Day is right around the corner, let us take the time and effort to explain the significance and relevance of this National festival to our kids and not let our kids think of it as just another holiday. Here are some of the most basic and common questions that your kids may ask you or vice versa regarding Republic Day. The answers to these questions have also been provided in a simple manner:

1. What is the meaning of Republic?

In a Republic country, the supreme powers of that country are held by the elected Prime Minister or the President and not by a monarch (kings and queens).

2. What is Republic Day exactly?

On this day (26th of January) in the year 1950, our country India was declared a Republic – this meant that our country was no longer under British rule. Since then, 26th of January every year is celebrated as Republic Day to remember and enjoy India’s independence from British rule; it is a National festival, and everyone has a holiday on this day.

3. What is the difference between Independence Day and Republic Day?

On August 15th in the year 1947, India won its independence from British rule. However, it took us more than two years to define the rules and the laws that the Government of India should follow. The rules and laws that the Government should follow is termed as the Constitution. Thus, Republic Day celebrates the Constitution of India coming into force. The Constitution of India also provides every Indian citizen with Constitutional Rights.

4. What are the Constitution Rights in India?

There are six constitutional rights in India, they are:

  • Right to Equality
  • Right to Freedom
  • Right against Exploitation
  • Right to Freedom of Religion
  • Cultural and Educational Rights
  • Right to Constitutional Remedies
Why should we stand in attention during the National Anthem?

Singing the National Anthem provides us with an opportunity to show how thankful we are for the sacrifices made by the people who struggled to give India its freedom. It is because of these sacrifices that we are living and breathing in a free India. We also pledge that we shall not let the sacrifices go in vain by staying in attention while singing the National Anthem.

5. Why do we need to respect our country? We already respect so many things such as our parents, elders, grandparents, books, and so on.

By showing respect to our country, we also appreciate all the positive aspects of our tradition and culture; we also show respect to all the opportunities that have been given to us. For example, in our country, we are free to travel, free to work and take up a job anywhere we please, we can purchase a home, and have access to all basic facilities. All this is much easier in India as compared to other foreign countries. A famous saying by Walt Disney states that “curiosity keeps leading us down to new paths”, so as our children grow curious, why not give them all the information we can, to enable them to find their own path? Republic Day and its significance is a good start for this endeavor.

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