Each Day ( Motherhood brings out the poet in you 😄)

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Each Day 😊 The sound of a yawn as they wake from a nap the feeling of cuddling up in your lap the smile that sees you when they open their eyes how life is so new, everything’s a surprise Your newborn, your child, so precious to hold a treasure more precious than all the world’s gold they gaze at your face filled with wonder and care as they drift off to sleep, it’s hard not to stare From kicking and rolling to crawling and walking from unending coos to babbles and talking while watching them grow can be bittersweet their face is the best one you ever will meet. They’ll look to you when they just might be unsure that cute little smirk as they lay on the floor they’ll flail their small arms and giggle or yell an urgent joy message they just have to tell Smearing their food all over their face shrieking with joy at their mom’s warm embrace they wiggle and bounce on their two tiny feet Their dancing and laughing and smiles and cries, how precious time is as it so often flies the sun it will shine as it warms their small cheeks they’ll constantly look up from their stroller in peek From waking each day to spend time with you each moment is special with learning things new so while you are reading the books in the night know they’re just happy you’re holding them tight 😊

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