Dear Mom, be nice to the women in you!

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Seven years post-marriage, and after having our second child, my husband was convinced I had a severe Irritable Bowl Syndrome issue with concern to the amount of time I spent in the bathroom. Truth be told, it was the only place where I had my ‘Me Time,’ so, at the cost of sounding very unsexy, I let him believe it was my inter-steins that needed tending to. Not that I’m saying I don’t like being a Mom, I Love it! Motherhood has made me a true woman; it has broadened my view and enhanced every humane and positive trait I possessed. Being parents has strengthened us as a couple and made me a better daughter to my parents. It had taught me to multi-task at different human levels and has sharpened my sixth sense to a level that sometimes scares me. But all the above has made me a better version of myself, and like they say, ‘The littlest feet make the biggest footprints on our hearts. The Woman in me, however, can’t seem to see her uterus as the sanctum sanctuary that supported the miracle of nature, but thinks of it as a Porsche being converted to a Family Mini Van! With the spare on the outside. I mean, it all starts with a late period, and then you’re not on time for anything ever again; the deficit of time is always the sanctioned self-time. But this is where it needs to change; we moms have to be nice to the women in us or else she’s going to rebel. The insurgency will come in forms of Anxiety, Belly fat (the kind that you cannot tuck into the spanks), low libido, etc. etc. etc. but the biggest loss will be of who we really are or were! All it takes is 30 minutes of Me Time to keep version 1.0 of you flourishing and trust me, and it will only enhance the mommy version 1.1 you already are rocking. Yes, the above sounds like a preachy to-do list, but these 30 minutes are like Vitamins or Collagen if you like. Parenting is hard; it needs energy, especially trying to be patient with little versions of impatient you running all over. So if you calculate your thoughts and think of it, it’s for your kids too; you need the time off from being a Momster- a term I came across and am sure all you moms will relate to. [read more] Momster (noun) – What a normal mom turns into post counting three. Start with these affirmations in your head for enjoying mom’s life and not losing your core self. I am an amazing mom, even as I work hard to become a better one. My dreams and desires always matter. Taking care of myself physically and mentally is not selfish but necessary to play the roles I have been given. I will let go of making today perfect and bask in its imperfect moments. And the top of the list…. I am more than just a Mom. Affirmations are a way of being one’s own soundboards and subconsciously remaining positive always. This will help us pick up pieces of our life and put the jigsaw back in place. It depends on us how soon we start doing so; the later we start, the smaller and more complicated the pieces get. “Today is a gift, which is why its called the present”- Master Oogway: Kung Fu Panda, so we must unwrap it with glee and enthusiasm. Erma Bombeck, a writer I enjoyed and still enjoy reading, wrote a book titled “If Life is  a bowl of Cherries what am I doing in the Pits.” This book is a manual on survival, a hilarious swipe at marriage, domestic dilemmas to wilting lettuce, it gives a light, humorous perspective to all. And honestly, that’s the best way to live our lives with a smile or a giggle. But for doing that, we ladies need to stop a while in the day sip that Coffee or Gin. PS: It is ok to have a cocktail for lunch, even if someones is watching. We moms need to realize that bearing and raring our loved children is not as easy as some people make it look, and by the way, the ones who are making it look easy are lying or are married to football stars and have 6 nannies, one for every part of their kid. So do yourself a favor, put those legs up, and a twist of lime to your drink. [/read]

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