Come on World…lets be ‘Fair’ to Suhana!

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Suhana Khan was recently the eye of an internet storm when she was subject to trolled who passed derogatory remarks towards her skin tone. Suhana shared those comments on social media, which included words like ‘ugly’ and ‘kaali’ and expressed disappointment about how her skin color has been the subject of such trolls since the tender age of 12.  Gauri Khan decided that enough was enough and came to her daughter’s rescue and took to social media a day after the post, posting an inspiring, women-empowered note which was targeted to ignite the thought process of other troll-oppressed women.

Gauri came up with an innovative post of a cropped image of herself, smiling against a black background. She backed this image with powerful words of her being a woman, protector, muse, wanderer, achiever, and a dreamer, and that the world can only see a part of her which is rooted in her role, but cannot see the part which is deep-rooted within her soul. It is this part that gives her the most strength. She associated this image with the hashtag #RootedToStrength and urged other women to post similar pictures of themselves to create a unified global force against such hateful trolls ultimately. She tagged other industry friends Monisha Jaising, Farah Khan, Bhavna Pandey, Neelam Kothari, and Maheep Kapoor. Following this, Suhana expressed that the mindless act of singling out someone’s skin color needs to be stopped. She also mentioned that skin color is an inseparable part of an individual’s physiology and cannot be altered. She ended on an accepting note stating that she is 5″3 and brown and extremely happy about it and urged women to be satisfied with their skin tones and bodies.


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India might be a ‘developing’ nation, but the mentality of Indians is mostly an ‘under-developed’ one. Women, who have progressed leaps and bounds at everything they have put their minds to, are still subject to objectivity based on their skin color, body shape, etc. Women are not judged by their achievements but still largely by their measurements! In the so-called ‘progressive society, women are still judged on their skin color and not the color of her personality. This regressive seed of looking down upon women and judging them based on unnecessary features a million years ago, unfortunately still reaps fruits in people’s minds today.

It is time that people come out of this backward thought process and start looking beyond these meaningless traits. Human beings are those books that should never be judged by their covers. We are dynamic beings, there is so much to offer from what is beneath just our skin and shape. It is time that the world starts using more penetrative glasses and starts gazing into depths than just being repelled by the surface!

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