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Over the years, we have known kids to traditionally have the ‘sweet tooth,’ but nowadays, they also have the ‘burger tooth,’ ‘fries’ tooth’ ‘cheese tooth’ and always have cravings for “tasty,” i.e., unhealthy food. They often frown upon the idea of consuming something like broccoli as a healthy snack option but would gladly consume all the burgers, fries, chocolates, and ice-creams in the world as their meals without giving two cents about their health. A similar dilemma was felt very strongly by Meghana Narayan and Shauravi Malik dealing with their children who were fussy-eaters. They felt short on options for feeding their children, which were both healthy and, at the same time, tasty and decided to do something about it. They started experimenting in their kitchens and, in two years, found the fine line between taste and health which they incorporated in their aptly named brand – Slurrp Farms.

Meghana and Shauravi aim to provide easy and hassle-free solutions to parents looking for healthy and tasty meal options for children, just as once they were. For reaching that ultimate yummy and healthy taste, they started gaining valuable insights, not from the tall campuses of Harvard and Oxford, but at the absolute ground level from food farmers, normal farmers, machinery and equipment manufacturers, packaging vendors, raw material co-operatives, food technologists and other vital stakeholders in this critical chain. They also gained from the experiences of other moms, babies, and their delicious food ideas.

What sets their product apart is that their products are millet-based, which is locally produced and is a crucial core ingredient used in all their offerings. The other reason for choosing millets is that they wanted their brand to be at the forefront of re-introducing this very traditional, weather-smart crop in our country and addressing bigger prevalent issues of malnutrition, drought, and the problem of feeding an ever-increasing population. Slurrp Farms aims to facilitate the reintegration of millets and other ingredients for a balanced diet for one and all.


Shauravi Malik Meghana Narayan in Mommywize

Like any other venture, the founders of Slurrp Farms also faced difficulties in their journey. From being advisors to companies like JP Morgan and McKinsey on ideas on raising funds and how to run their companies, they realized that doing something similar for their own company was a different ballgame altogether. They had to be extraordinarily patient and build from ground zero. They had to do many jobs at one time. They faced the daunting task of commercializing and manufacturing something that they have cooked in their kitchen, and also were worried about their delicious taste reaching the end customer without adding any further ingredients which would spoil its essence. But their patience and hard-work paid off.

Their products are created out of a simplistic motivation for “Kids to go Yum” after consumption without compromising on nutrition, and this feeling resonated beautifully with other moms and parents across India. What started as a kitchen experiment has reached five lakh customers’ kitchens via 800 stores across eight cities, with a 40% repeat rate on online stores like Amazon. They also sell across various other online players such as Bigbasket, FirstCry, BabyChakra, LBB, and others.

Slurrp Farms went international in the first half of 2020 and got launched in Dubai and Singapore, and they plan to be in the UK, Germany, and other global retail and online shelves. For this exponential expansion in India and abroad, they have been felicitated with many notable awards like the KSP Award in 2016, The DSSC Power Packers Award in 2017, Women Economic Forum Award for Exceptional Women of Excellence. They recently won the ‘Women Entrepreneur Awards 2019’ at the Times She UnLTD Awards in the Food category.

They have very simple advice from moms who aim to be Mompreneurs. The innovation lies in simplifying and not complicating; the base of any new product should have a simple meaning behind it and the processes attached to it. Execution is of paramount importance, an idea can be great if its execution is flawless, and most importantly, it is essential to remain patient. The entire journey is a long and arduous one, and having a like-minded and equally passionate partner and the team can bring you closer to that dream that you set out to achieve!

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