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A woman practically lives her life as two separate individuals at different intervals, the first before giving birth, and the second after the miracle has happened. Both worlds are in complete contrast to each other; a woman’s world completely changes when she enters the realm of motherhood. If you ask any young woman what she expects from her pregnancy, there would always be an automatic smile on her face, and she would gleam, stating that she hopes her pregnancy to be a truly magical experience. But once the actual occurrence happens, it is an entirely different ball game altogether! The perception of motherhood completely changes for a woman once she becomes one. Before pregnancy, it is all picture perfect with the perfect husband, organized parental life, tidy home, and an infant playing with his toys, just like the one shown in today’s Instagram feeds or Pinterest boards.

Motherhood is Difficult

Motherhood’s experience is not the easiest of journeys; the exhausting daily routine would make you doubt yourself to see this till the end! The typical day of a mother is spent handling her child who seems to be an endless ball of energy; there is no concept of night and day, sleeping at night is an illusion because of the kid’s constant crying, sometimes until the dawn. It not only takes a physical but an emotional toll as well. Despite all these hardships, would a woman trade the role of a mother for being anyone else? Absolutely not! Purely because it is completely worth the joy received in return! This tiredness is an almost negligible price to pay to give joy to the people she loves the most, her family!

Motherhood is Messy

As a mother to an infant, cleaning all kinds of dirt becomes one of your prime and cringe-worthy responsibilities; from wiping crumbs on countertops, to wiping cheeks of your infant, to cleaning the smelly potty, messy sheets, piles of clothes and next day repeating the same all over again! Not to mention the toy mess created by your little one. As time passes, eventually, you will learn to cherish these moments, and one day, you will look back at these happy moments and smile, although your living room will not be clean as it used to be, it will be filled will cutely baby laughter. Your kitchen might have fingerprints and streaks of maple syrup spread by your child, but you will no longer mind it and begin your morning in the very same kitchen preparing pancakes and milk for your family. Your car may become dirty with splashes from your infant’s sippy cups and snacks throughout the day, but you will take your infant in the same vehicle to places and enjoy and cherish those little moments.

Motherhood Isn’t Perfect.

Motherhood robs you of ‘me-time’ ultimately! There will be most days when you don’t get time to catch up on your daily soaps, scroll through Instagram, chat with friends, etc.  This is the precise reason why mothers who have recently given birth disappear from social media platforms! After witnessing profiles of other fellow mommies on social media and wondering how can their lives be so perfect and you are struggling every day?! Believe us; it is not perfect; they are sailing in the same boat! The same mess, the same crying, the same toys, etc.

Mumma Power

A woman becomes more powerful after giving birth to her child, the infinite love received from their young one gives them endless power to achieve anything they set out to for their child. Below is a real-life story of Mumma Power! Every night before going to bed, my young son gives me the tightest superman hug with his tiny but ever-growing hands and whispers, “I love you, mama.” This infinite love gives me the power to do anything for him and shield him from anything untoward in this world. I can do or be anything for my son because I have “Mumma Power!”

Motherhood is Beautiful

Motherhood is challenging, messy, and imperfect, but it is the most beautiful and fulfilling journey that a woman can undertake.  A loving mother is most beautiful a sight to behold, no fashion, no make-up, just one accessory – the beautiful smile worn by a mother upon gazing at her child and watching them grow up in front of your eyes. The journey should be cherished every day, time will fly, and your young one wouldn’t remain so young anymore!

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