5 Sensory Play ideas for Babies | Brain Development Activities for babies

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During growth years, cognitive growth is instrumental for child’s all-round development and a structured evolution. From the initial years, one must start working on improving and enhancing kids’ sensory strength. Sensory activities and play can be a great way to give a head start to their budding minds. This video would take you through five unique sensory play ideas that would help you in instilling in your toddlers better use of senses and sharpening their skills in that area so that your champ is always a step ahead and extract more from his life.

Obviously, the world is a strange place for a baby. As they grow and come to terms with the new environment, their senses are on hyperactivity. They want to touch everything, taste every other object, see whatever they can catch sight of, listen to all the sounds they can come across, or feel all the emotions and reactions of people available around them. It’s very important we shape their inquisitiveness carefully. These activities can be messy, but the various gears, sensory tables, and tubs can come handy if you really want to provide the right direction to your baby’s development while all he does is play, have fun and learn simultaneously.

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